5 questions to help us deal with uncertainty

We all want to make better decisions faster.
In some cases, that means not deciding at all.

Which is the topic of today's post.

Human beings are wired to hate uncertainty.
We like predictability and clear answers, sometimes to the point of absurdity.

We want to know how things are going to develop.
We want to know how a person feels towards us.

Making a decision is a shortcut to gaining some apparent control over uncertainty.

By taking action now, I can force uncertainty to dissipate.
For better or for worse.

In my thinking toolbox, I recently added a set of questions.
They help me ponder the weight of uncertainty in my decisions.

1) Am I looking for a solution because uncertainty is making me uneasy?

2) What would be the cost of doing nothing?

3) What is the worst that could happen from doing nothing?

4) What is the best that could happen from doing nothing?

5) How long can I safely delay this decision?

Passing a problem through these filters allows me to evaluate if a solution is needed. Or if it's only needed because uncertainty is causing me discomfort.