Enough subconscious cues that signal quality, but no more

I drive a German car.

When I close one of its doors, the noise often reminds me of an article I read a while back. The author argued that a team designed the sound of these doors. And the sounds of the hand-break. And probably many other interior parts.

These sounds are engineered to influence us into thinking highly of the car's quality.

When you create something new, it's easy to get stuck on the many details you can implement. Yet, engineering the sound of the door is okay. But the sound of the cupholder? Not so much.

Few people have the proper "training" or sensibility to appreciate most of these details. The micro-animation of a button or the subtle dashed border of a shape will most likely go unnoticed. But will they contribute to the perceived quality?

When building the first versions of a product, you should aim to be slightly above the subconscious average quality threshold so that most will perceive your product to be of good quality. Even if they can't explain it.

Everything beyond this threshold is a bonus and shouldn't slow you down.