It freaking doesn't matter

Last night, I experienced something I wish for all of you.

My son and I were sitting in the kitchen.
Well, I was sitting; he was lying in my arms, half asleep.

He is teething and sleeps super poorly.
Which means the whole family sleeps badly as well.

I turned to check the time on the only device shining in the dark kitchen: the thermostat.

3:30 am. Arg.
I'm exhausted. I begin thinking about work.

Will I be able to achieve anything tomorrow?
Will I have to take the day off?

I want to work tomorrow! I have things to do and good momentum.

When you work for yourself, these periods of high productivity are precious. You want to squeeze them as much as you can while they last.

Ok. I can power through. I'll take a quick nap later if needed.

Then it struck me.


At least, not at that moment.

I was so caught up thinking about negative things that I had forgotten this little human being in my arms.

Luckily, I realized it, and in an instant, I was brought back to the reality.

This, my friends, is what I wish for you. Catch yourself when your mind drifts toward the negative and delight in the grace of the moment.