On reselling the company to its employees

All your employee's contracts are expiring at the end of the month. Your biggest competitor wants to poach them all. How will you convince them to stay?

Quite a radical way to think about internal communication, isn't it?

Organizations usually have a much milder approach. Internally, they communicate, but they don't sell.

However, the relationship between an organization and an employee always begins with a sale.

The recruiting organization tries to be desirable. Its ad talks about its strengths, past accomplishments, ambitions, and hopes for the future.

But how do we sell the organization to its current staff? The ones for whom the magic is long gone.

Not because any party has done anything wrong. They just grew accustomed to each other. The flaws became more visible than the qualities.

Some employees start asking themselves if the grass isn't greener elsewhere. Others stay out of habit.

Like any other relationship, the one between your organization and its employees needs to be nurtured.

You should never stop selling your organization to its employees.