Take one small idea and start writing at once

Many dream of public writing but never publish anything.

Ask them why, and they'll answer that they don't know what to write about.

The following is your crash course in creating short essays:

Take one small idea and start writing at once.

You don't have to write thousands of words to impact others.
You don't need to come up with an outline first.
You don't need a title that will grab people's attention.

Heck, the idea doesn't even need to be fully formed before you start writing.

Take one small idea and start writing at once.

Refrain from guessing how people will receive your writing; you can't. All it will do is get you paralyzed.

My most famous writings are the ones I liked the least. I felt uneasy after writing them. Perhaps because I struggled so much to get them out of my head? I didn't want to publish them. I felt like they should have remained on my computer's drive forever.

Yet, some of these essays have helped thousands of people.

We are bad judges of our work, so let's not try.

Take one small idea and start writing at once.

Magic happens when you take a tiny idea and get behind the keyboard. It's like watching one of these fast time-lapse videos of a seed developing into a big, beautiful plant.

If you write freely, you'll see this seed of an idea turning into a tree that will hopefully give good fruits for the readers to pick.

But where do I find the idea? You may ask.

Here's the secret: you must write about an idea when it appears. You will struggle if you try to come up with an idea while sitting in front of a blank note file. But writing will become easy if you learn to notice small things in your day-to-day life and write about them on the spot.

Take one small idea and start writing at once.

This advice applies to many creative things in life. Creating is daunting when we imagine the masterpiece, but the only thing we have for now is a blank canvas. Or if we want to build an app but haven't yet committed to the first line of code.

It is often said that one should begin with the end in mind. But art is never finished, only abandoned. (Leonardo da Vinci)