The rule of 100: promoting consistently

I've seen a YouTube short by Alex Hormozi, where he mentioned something he calls the rule of 100. 100 minutes of content creation per day, 100 reach-outs per day, or a $100 ad spend per day. And you do that for 100 days.

Alex isn't the first one to come up with such a rule. For instance, Noah Kagan has advocated for it for quite a while.

There is something very appealing to the apparent simplicity of this rule.
The number isn't so big that you would feel defeated at first sight.
But it's big enough to yield positive results.

It is also simple to remember and very actionable.
Contrary to "I've got to do regular promotion work," or even the theoretically good idea of alternating "coding weeks" and "marketing weeks."

Doing "marketing" sounds vague. It sounds difficult.
Doing 100 reach-outs sounds specific enough to get started.