Three questions employees want their CEOs to address after the pandemic

Here are three questions employees want their CEOs to address now that the peak of the pandemic seems to be behind us.

1. Is the company safe? Is my job safe?

Many people have lost their jobs, and those who got to keep theirs have seen some colleagues, friends, or family members being laid off.

So they wonder how healthy the company employing them is.

How filled is the order book?
Will there be work for people of my trade?

2. Will I be able to keep some of the advantages of working from home?

Alongside the struggles of working remotely, some have come to appreciate its perks.

No commute. Less time wasted in meetings.
Sometimes more flexibility in one's schedule.

These employees want to hear from you if the company has plans to change the way it works.

Will some of these temporary arrangements become permanent?

3. How is the company preparing for the next similar event?

This pandemic was a wake-up call.
Nobody wants to have to experience it ever again.

Yet scientists warn us about future similar catastrophes waiting to happen.

Now is the perfect time for leaders to share the lessons learned and how the organization is preparing to better cope with future disasters.