Using calmer language

"If the software crashes during the demo, it's game over for us!"

This is something I'm still guilty of: using hyperbolic, epic language. Part of me probably believes that this increases motivation and concentration.

The reality is that it rarely works. It adds stress to the existing pressure.

Of course, we know this demo is important!

A better approach is to turn this pressure into positive energy. Channel the existing tension by looking at the potential, positive outcome.

When an upcoming situation stresses us, chances are this situation carries some tremendous rewards.

Focus on that, but remain moderate.

Experience teaches us the stakes are rarely as high as we think. We are resilient animals. Most of what we create is as well.

When I read the passage below, I immediately highlighted it on my kindle; I recognized this tendency in me.

I'm working on fixing it, but it's a work in progress!