Ascent: a Christian habit tracker

My first iOS app hit the Apple App Store this week. Hurray!

Ascent Christian habit tracker

I built it in less than two months without prior knowledge of Swift and SwiftUI.

The catch? I relied heavily on AI to get me started.
It was a fascinating experience because I learned while doing it.

The long debugging sessions are where most of the learning happened. During the first few days, I was copy-pasting without fully understanding what was happening. Okay, that's an exaggeration here. I've been programming for a while, so I obviously had an idea of what was happening.

While I don't believe that I could have built a complete app from scratch without any programming knowledge, I'm still amazed at how far the AI got me.

The app is called Ascent, and it's an app to help Christians form habits.
Check it out! Download Ascent on Apple App Store