Two false ideas preventing rest

As summer is coming to an end here, I'm reflecting on rest. More specifically, I'm reflecting on my quasi-inability to take some extended periods of rest.

Two false ideas play a major role in this issue.

First, the sentiment that there is such a thing as a finish line to my work. This is untrue. Unless I come to retire at some point, which I have no plan for, the finish line of my work will effectively be the finish line of my life. But somehow, I'm running as if my work will be over at some point, forgetting that the end of one project only means the beginning of the next.

Second, this irrepressible fear that if I stop, work will pile up. And not the kind of work I enjoy doing, but the kind of crap work that must be done. When I think of this, uninterrupted work sounds even more compelling.

Seeing my friends going away on long vacations and enjoying time away from work gives me a strong FOMO (fear of missing out.)

Mainly because I now have a family, and I want to experience some adventures with them for more than 2 or 3 days.

Something that could help would be to start thinking of rest as part of the work.
Just as a professional athlete's training includes recovery.