Background noise stress

Last weekend, my family and I decided to take a drastic rest day. 

We stepped out from the connected world to focus on being together. No phone, no work. An initiative that was part of practicing the ancient tradition of Sabbath but updated to the modern times.

This was my first time being completely away from work for a full day in years. It seems ridiculous to write it as it was a big deal, but it truly was; I had not taken a day off in a long time.

I thought it would be hard not to work. It wasn't.

What I realized, though, is how I nearly constantly think about work. And when I say think, what I mean is worry. Most of these thoughts are work thoughts fueled with anxiety. I'm afraid of not knowing enough, not doing enough. I'm afraid things won't work how I hope they will. I'm afraid of running out of money.

I have been working for myself for longer than not. I don't remember carrying this background noise kind of stress from day one.

It's as if it developed and crept over time.

A while back, someone said: "If you are worrying 24/7 about work, you're not cut to be an entrepreneur." I keep thinking about this. I wouldn't be that radical, but we could rephrase it this way:

"Leveling up as an entrepreneur requires finding some detachment from your work."