On the essence of true freedom

A lion was born in a zoo.
He never had to worry about food.
Every day, many people visited him outside his small enclosure.
He felt a peculiar blend of comfort and discomfort.
For he knew he wasn't meant to live like this.

Intrigued by this feeling, he asked around and learned
that free lions inhabit the savanna.

There, they roam freely, hunting for food.
No two days are identical in that expansive playground.

And he began to dream of such freedom.

One day, societal views shifted, and the law changed.
The zoo had to release all animals into the wild, including him.

At last, he thought, I will experience true freedom!

Yet when released, he didn't enjoy it.
He felt paralyzed by what seemed like infinite freedom and opportunities.
A comfort tinged with discomfort.
No two days were the same, and he felt lonely.
If you must work that hard to eat, can you even call yourself free?

Years of struggle followed, but eventually, he adapted.
And he learned the essence of true freedom.


Working for yourself is challenging and requires many sacrifices. Not only the ones you make when you decide to go for it but all those you have to make as you recommit to staying independent.

Refrain from coming to solopreneurship or freelancing with too strong expectations about freedom. Experience it, and you will eventually learn the essence of it.